Pere Aurell au départ de la TDS®

Le départ de la TDS®, mythique course de l’UTMB® est donné ce mercredi 28 Août 2019 ! La nouvelle édition de cette course est plus longue, plus technique et offre l’occasion de se voir affronter un panel de coureurs adeptes de courses exigeantes . Pour l’occasion nous avons eu la joie d’échanger avec Pere Aurell, l’Espagnol ambassadeur de la marque Merell qui a pris le départ de cette édition 2019.

It’s your first time on a utmb’s race, how do you feel?

It’s not the first time. I ran tds in 2013, but I quit in Cormet de Roselend. It was my first ultra race and I wasn’t very prepared. This time I have trained well and I feel strong. Anyway, it’s a long race and anything can happen.

We know that you like trail running with difficulties and TDS is said to be the strongest race on utmb’s event. Have you ever run on the trails of the TDS? What do you expect?

Yes I like the more technical terrains that is why I have chosen tds. It’s the wildest race of the utmb race. I also want to run tds again to proove to myself that I can do well on this race. I know the first 70km and I have also run the last 55km. I don’t know the middle part, but I like the idea of discovering and having new impressions during the race.

Pere Aurell

Pere aurell interview outdoorandnews

Pere Aurell

Pere aurell interview outdoorandnews

You seem to be in a good shape, don’t you? Did you heal your knee?

As I said before I feel strong and confident. My knee problem is always there in the background. I hope it doesn’t give me any problems during the race

Is trail running the only outdoor sport you practice?

On summer time I use to riding my bike and during winter I also practice cross country ski and mountain skiing.

And for the last : What is the most beautiful sunset on Trail you remember?

Any of the many sunsets that I have seen while I was training in La Mola with Montserrat in the background. They are unique!
But the most special one was the one year’s end we went to make a summit with Ragna at the Pyrenees and we saw the last sun of the year.

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