OMAN cela vous tente ?

Registration for the Sultanate of Oman’s first ever OMAN by UTMB® challenge opened on Friday 4 May 2018, and with a goal of 300 runners, the race is on to secure a pioneering place at this unique ‘must-do’ event.

OMAN by UTMB® (29 November 2018) will take an international field off the beaten track on a remote and rugged non-stop 137km (85 mile) course, with long and technical climbs through breath-taking dramatic mountainous landscapes.

Hosted by Oman Sail and supported by UTMB® International and the organisers of UTMB® Mont-Blanc, the route is designed to highlight Oman’s natural beauty and will include the historic town of Birkat Al Mawz and the 2,200m heights of Jebel Akhdar, the Green Mountain.

“Opening registrations for OMAN by UTMB® is a major milestone on the path to what is going to be a fantastic experience for all who take part,” said Oman Sail CMO Salma Al Hashmi.

“The privileged participants will get a taste of authentic Arabia as part of this incredible challenge and will allow us to showcase Oman’s great natural beauty and warm welcome.”



OMAN by UTMB® is a Tanfeedh initiative, Oman’s national programme for enhancing economic diversification. It has identified sports tourism as a target area and the enormous global popularity and potential of trail-running events in particular.

Registration details, fees and all other information can be found on the OMAN by UTMB® website at Entry is free for elite runners (men with an ITRA performance index above 800, women above 700).

A unique challenge in its own right, OMAN by UTMB® also offers special benefits for runners planning to enter the lottery to run in the heavily-oversubscribed UTMB® Mont-Blanc event created in 2003 in Chamonix, France, and which has grown to become the ‘world summit of trail running’.

Finishers will earn the maximum number of six qualifying points, valid for three years instead of the usual two and will save one year in the UTMB® Mont-Blanc registration process. This will double the chance for first-time applicants in the entry lottery for 2019, and guarantee entry in 2019 for those reapplying a second time after being unsuccessful in 2018.

“OMAN by UTMB® will meet every requirement of the UTMB® brand with a challenging mountain course and an extraordinary adventure in a truly breath-takingly beautiful destination,” said UTMB®Mont-Blanc Race Director, Michel Poletti.

“The Sultanate is like no other place I’ve run before,” he adds. “Spectacular scenery, incredible, huge mountains and warm people. It’s a must-do event!”

Oman’s varied landscapes, welcoming culture and ideal winter season temperatures make it an increasingly popular sports tourism destination with a growing international appeal.

As part of OMAN by UTMB® a variety of special extended stay packages are available, offering the opportunity for runners, family and friends to stay on and explore Oman in all its variety and beauty.

For more information on OMAN by UTMB® please go to:

For a sneak peek at the beautiful running terrain that Oman has to offer, click here:

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