The 2019 EcoTrail season is on! Two events already happened. The first one was in France, with the EcoTrail Paris celebrating its 12th edition with over 12,000 participants ready to discover the trails of the Ile-de-France region. Two weeks later, it was the EcoTrail Florence, in Italy, with courses set in the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. We’re taking a short break before going up north for the next event in Oslo, Norway, on May 25th!




When? May 25th 2019

What’s up? A sauna on the finish line, right next to an ice cold bath! Discover the finish area HERE, with the many northern activities available for finishers, all in the heart of Oslo!

Did you know? On May 3rd, part of the course will be available for the public to discover it! A great chance to exchange with other amateurs but also to win technical t-shirts.


When? June 15th 2019

What’s up? The organizers implemented a new concept: “plogging” practice sessions. The idea? A practice session where participants pick up the waste they find. A great initiative that we support 100%!

Did you know? This year, the organizers will be offering finisher t-shirts, made at 95% with recycled plastic bottles! But also: the record of participants as already been broken. Only a few bibs left!


When? July 5th 2019

What’s up? Take part in the event’s contest to win 1 trip in Europe! A 15% discount will also be granted to all contestants willing to register to the 2019 EcoTrail Reykjavik. To participate, like the EcoTrail International Facebook page and fill in the form HERE.

Did you know? Because of Iceland’s latitude from June to July, the sun almost never sets, thus producing a beautiful golden light!


When? September 28th 2019

What’s up? We were lucky to get a preview of the courses last week! Here is what we discovered: superb landscapes with quite the elevation, typical Irish weather (“4 seasons in 1 day”), a beautiful finish area next to the sea and above all, a truly friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We can’t wait to experience this 1st edition with you!

Did you know? There are already over 350 registered participants, with is great news. For the others, the first price is ending April 28th, so don’t waste any more time!


GENEVA (CH): June 1st – There will be some novelties for this 2nd edition, including great news for your legs: this year, the course will go up the Salève (about 600 meters (656 yards) of elevation)

BRUSSELS (BE): September 7th – A medal, sure. But what for? The teams at EcoTrail Brussels found the solution >>> find out HERE!

MADEIRA (PT): October 26th – The team of organizers will be at the MIUT salon (Madeira-Island-Ultra-Trail) this weekend. They might even have some delicious Madeira wine for tasting!

PUTRAJAYA (MAL): October 27th – Things are coming together in Malaysia! The teams are preparing the website to open registrations on April 30th. Stay tuned!

MADRID (ESP): November 9th – Registrations for the 2019 edition open today! The team of organizers will be at the Madrid marathon this weekend. Go and say hi if you’re around!

CHIANG MAI (THA): November 24th – The courses have been designed, the t-shirt has been approved, the medal is ready, only thing missing… is you >> Registrations are open!

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